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Farmer with Organic Eggs

Welcome to Caney Creek Acres

Our Family Farm

Our mission is to provide better tasting and healthier meats, dairy, and produce, happy and healthy animals and people, and nourished and healthy land and soil through regenerative agriculture practices, rotational grazing, organic feeds mostly mixed by us with wholesome ingredients, and not using antibiotics, GMO, or Soy*.

Our Products

Are you looking to purchase delicious, organically-fed, pastured, drug and soy-free Pork, Chicken, and Dairy? Look no further. Caney Creek Acres, a local Farm nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Thank you for supporting your local farmers. Feel free to check out our current harvest and see what products are now for sale.


We’re proud to offer our customers whole or half Pigs, raised on our farm with organic feed, no antibiotics or soy, pastured, which leads to healthy woods and soil. Our animals are treated with dignity as God intended, not like industrial factory "farms".  We celebrate the "Pigness of pigs", as Joel Salatin puts it.  Our customers recognize these Pork products taste far, far superior to what can be found at stores sourcing from mass production, are better for them, and are supporting ethical treatment of the animals, all while improving the health of the land and ecosystem.  Try some of our delicious Bacon, Chops, and Hams!

Chicken & Eggs

Our chickens are rotationally grazed and fed supplemental organic feed in the pastures of Caney Creek Acres scratching, pecking, running around in the grass and sun as God intended, not locked in dark industrial buildings as most factory "farms".  Experience the difference of pastured, organic, locally-sourced Chickens and Eggs.

Goats, Milk, Aged Cheeses

Pick up some Organic Goat Milk, or some of our Homemade Organic Cheeses made from pastured and Organic Goats which are grazed rotationally across our pastures and woods here at Caney Creek Acres. Everything we grow at Caney Creek Acres is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and tastes better. Try for yourself.

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