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Organically-fed, Forest-raised,
Soy-free Pork


Caney Creek Acres

Our pigs are raised under sunny skies, in either open spaces or under the canopy of trees. We mix our own feed, using only organic grains and legumes, with occasional supplements of kelp and other beneficial minerals. 

Our pigs are raised as God intended, with care and with the best feed we can afford for them.

  • Soy free

  • Organic and fermented grains and legumes

  • Supplements of kelp and minerals

  • Self-served of native forage, bugs and mineral rich clay and sandy-loam soils

Did you Know?

Fermented feeds makes nutrients more bio-available to the pigs, hence more bio-available to us when served on our table.


Animals consuming soy that has not been fermented may cause hormonal imbalances in us as the end consumers of the meat.

Factory raised pigs may be served a diet of expired highly processed sugary foods, including their plastic wrappers.

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