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Half Pig / Half Hog - Deposit $7.75 pound

Half Pig / Half Hog - Deposit $7.75 pound

Organic, Pasture-Raised, GMO and Soy Free!


A Half Pig / Half Hog order varies in pounds but typically nets between 75 and 80 pounds of hanging weight with the original  full pig weight in the 250 pound range.  There will be a variety of cuts to include ham cuts, shoulder cuts, loin, side and other.  You may also request your meats smoked.


Deposit is $100 to reserve your own half pig, balance due is calculated based on price per pound plus butcher fee (typically $75 range)

  • What you get

    • What you get (an example)


      15 chops, depending on whether you want them bone-in or boneless, thick or thin.

      13 lb of bone-in chops (1 inch thick, 42 chops total)
      9 lb of bone-in chops plus 6.6 lb of bone-in loin roast​



      Each side of a pig has a Boston butt and a picnic, which can be transformed into roasts, stew meat, or ground meat. Usually people will split each of these into two or three smaller roasts. Or they’ll turn the picnic roast into stew meat or ground pork, which is always an option. But there are other interesting cuts in there, too, like the coppa, the brisket, and “El Secreto,” a cut that’s become popular these days and is, essentially, a delicious flap of meat embedded within the Boston butt.

      12 lb of boneless roasts (whole roasts approximately 3 lb each)



      You can get at least five or six smaller ham roasts or fresh hams from each back leg. These can be transformed into the salted, smoked hams we all grew up with. 

      13 lb of bone-in roasts
      ​7 lb of bone-in roasts plus 13 lb of bone-in streaks (10 steaks each 1 inch thick)



      Two racks of Ribs. You can specify whether you want the butcher to take the ribs off of the belly, which you can then use as soup bones, or whether you want the ribs cut into baby back or spare ribs (among other styles of rib).

      2.5 lb of spare ribs



      There are two bellies on a whole pig, one on each side, because the pig’s belly is always split down the middle at the time of slaughter in order to eviscerate its innards. You can ask the butcher to make bacon for you, or you can ask to receive the belly whole or cut into smaller pieces. That way, you can make your own bacon or pancetta.

      6 lb of cured bacon


      Ground Pork

      ​3 lb of ground pork from scrap not fitting the above categories 



      Trotters. These are the pig’s feet. You’ll get four of them, if you want them. And you do. They make amazing stock because they’re full of So. Much. Gelatin

      Hocks. These are essentially the pig’s calves. You’ll get four of them. They’re great to brine and smoke and then use in soups, stews, and beans. You can also ask the butcher to turn the hocks into osso buco steaks.

      Bones. Ask for these, too! You can make delicious broths and stocks out of them. 

      Leaf lard. This is the kidney fat. If you render it, you can use it to make the most amazing pie crusts.

      Fatback. If you don’t like a lot of fat on your pork chops, ask the butcher to trim off the fatback and give it to you in cubes. You can render the fatback down for lard, or you can use it to make rillettes or sausage. 

      10.8 lb of fat back

      Organs, AKA offal. The heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys all can be turned into delicious dishes. Consider learning to use them in your cooking.

      4.3 lb of organs (liver, heart, kidneys)

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